Don’t Panic!

Just when you think you’re getting back into the swing of things, the light at the end of the tunnel turns out to be a freight train. Good intentions, unfulfilled promises, best laid plans – derailed by an avalanche of adulting demands and then, suddenly, over six months have passed and it’s like someone has patched in some new life features which seem to be all buggy and not quite as good as you hoped.

Life – don’t talk to me about life!

On the plus side, how good was The Force Awakens? And, oh em gee, did you see the finale of Star Wars: Rebels?


The Sky Full Of Stars

IntPiPoMo! No, I have neither lost control of my vocabulator nor imbibed too many tinctures in the last 60 minutes. Instead, inspired by Ravanel, I have put myself forward for a blogging initiative called International Picture Posting Month, hosted by Chestnut from Gamer Girl Confessions. The challenge: to share fifty gaming screenshots during the month of November. Well, it’s either that, grow a mustache or write a small fifty thousand word novel. Running challenges normally happen in January so, hey, screenshots. If you’re interested in taking part, here’s the link:

So let’s kick it off. As I’m obviously currently in the throes of playing SWTOR again, I guess it might be time to do a little catch up on some of the Dramatis Personae, especially as my mains have swapped so much that, well, I don’t really have one. So here’s the team:
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It irks me that it’s only two posts ago that I wrote about the game changes brought about in SWTOR 2.0 after the first expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel and here I am, about to give my thoughts about the sweeping – and somewhat controversial – changes implemented by Knights of the Fallen Empire. But that’s my problem, not yours – perhaps I should have played and blogged more consistently but there we go.

Aside from new story content, which I will come to in due course, I think the biggest changes are the introduction of level syncing, overhauling the companion system and enabling Solo mode on old Flashpoints. They’re by no means the only changes – see the Patch Notes here – Now that the update has been out for nearly two weeks and I’ve had a chance to play and check out the features. Here’s what I think.
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If a ever a post was deserving of being done in a dramatic Star Wars opening crawl, replete with new Episode number, this would be it. I’d like to think that the text would explain my absence over the last couple of years was because I had been captured by an infamous bounty hunter and been kept prisoner by a sinister criminal overlord but in reality, the explanation would be far less exciting and interesting – it would probably talk about being embroiled in trade negotiation disputes. So what has been going on?
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The big news this week is that the PTS has been updated with patch 2.0 which is the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion patch. The highlights, obviously, are the increase in level cap to 55, a change to warzone bracketing and expertise, new gear, increase in crafting cap, a new Operation and the addition of a Legacy wide Achievement system – complete with inappropriately placed capital letters. Are “Legacy” and “Achievement” proper nouns? What about “Operation”?

Anyway, there’s lots of good info out there about the changes, new gear etc. Here’s a few links to be going on with:

All in all, there’s a lot to be looking forward to – although I’m sure there’ll be lots of grumbling when a full analysis of the skill tree changes is available. Some observations and thoughts of my own though:
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Grey Secant

A green acute situtation

I haven’t attempted the new Gree event dailies yet. I logged onto my Trooper and did The Impossible Sector space daily (worth 260 reputation points towards the Republic Armada) and then deliberated going back to Ilum. Then I logged onto my Inquisitor and spent the rest of the evening PvPing and skipping gaily around Balmorra executing people just because I wanted to see what pattern their blood would make on the floor. No really – that’s the actual reason my Assassin gave to some guy shortly before I killed him.

My avoidance of the blue nonagon of Ilum is possibly because I don’t like feeling pressured into having to rush to get as many reputation points as I can before the event stops in a couple of weeks. Also, when it comes down to it, I have a white vertex with dailies, even if they are orange sphere. Sure it’s fine as an easy way to make credits but in a game that gives me several stories to play through, progressing my other characters is green obtuse.

But, personal feeling aside, after speaking to someone who had already maxed their affection with the Gree for the week, I have decied to pick apart some of the maths about the event to better understand the task ahead of me, generate appreciativeness and form a red parallel.
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Don’t you know who I am?

Patch 1.7 is being released tomorrow and with it comes a new event, based on the Gree and taking place on Ilum, and the addition of factional reputation along the lines of many other MMOs that have gone before it. The introduction of a reputation system can mean only one thing: invasion grind.

I don’t know how I feel about a reputation grind. They were a major part of the end-game grind in vanilla WoW but the only one I ever bothered with was getting to Exalted with the Frostwolf Clan in Alterac Valley for the epic mount reward. I largely ignored them in LOTRO – except for the Tailors guild as it was a good way to level tailoring – and at the moment, I can’t see any reason why I would want to do it in SWTOR.

Personal preference aside, however, there are some interesting design choices that have been made that were outlined in a devloper blog published last week.
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Last night Rouf ventured to Section X on Belsavis to try out the new dailies. I was interested in finding out where the HK-51 quest line started – I don’t know how difficult or bugged the quest is but I still don’t see that many people with him as a companion on fleet – and ended up doing something I’ve never done before in any MMO.

I healed in a group.

Well, okay, that’s not entirely true – I mean, I did heal but there was also a Sage so I sort of did DPS too. Not very well. But I did tranquilize elite mobs like a boss! We even managed to finish the quest – which might not seem like a big deal except that it took us 3 attempts to defeat the Dread Guard Legion Commander.
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The Galaxy Is Yours

Rouf finally hit level 50 last night.

Quick recap: Rouf was the character I started playing during the early start phase before the game launched. I got him all the way up to level 30 (or whatever it was) to get my Legacy name and then switched over to playing a Vanguard who got levelled up to 50 first. Now, over a year after he set out on his journey, Rouf has reached level cap. He’s also the first character to have finished his Chapter 3 story so that’s a bonus (my Trooper still has a couple of missions to go).

So how was it?

I’ll be honest and say that, on balance, I prefer playing the Trooper. I never really got to grips with the Scoundrel playstyle – or, more to the point, felt that it was a bit of a slog. This may well have been because I spectacularly failed to keep gear current and also because, for the last five levels, I was running a hybrid Sawbones/Scrapper spec to try and get some benefit from both healing and DPS. Not that it matters, because he’s level 50 now.
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p517 Starship Upgrades

Starship Upgrades 101

Yeah, I know it’s been a while. And here I am, new year and all, with a post that is more a reference for me to collate into one place all the info I need about SWTOR starship upgrades after trying to sort out Grade 2 parts for my alts. This will be a work in progress as I haven’t even looked at the Grade 7 parts that were added in patch 1.6.

(I appreciate this is a beginners guide for something that is over a year old but in the interests of telling the whole story) If you’re going to try out Space Combat in SWTOR, once you’ve got your starship the first thing you need to do is kit it out. Why would you want to do Space Combat missions? The simple answer is credits and XP. Being on-rails, you know that a mission will only take about 5 minutes at most and doing two missions for the daily space combat quest you can get will earn a substantial chunk of change and experience and fleet commendations to buy special upgrades, Grade 7 upgrades and some social pilot outfits.
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